Monday, July 11, 2011

Why Do People Sit There?

Lately we've been eating out more than usual. Not fancy restaurants, but just places like Zaxby's, Moe's, Waffle House, etc. What I don't understand is WHY do so many people eating by themselves sit at a booth that could hold 4 people instead of choosing a smaller table? Many times our family of four is left with trying to rearrange tables (if they are moveable) or pulling up extra chairs. Waffle House is the worst for seating, because they only have 4 booths that will sit a family of four. I can't tell you how many times I've been to Waffle House and had no where for us to sit other than at the bar stools (we have young children so this wouldn't work very well) or at a tiny booth intended for two people. Why do couples feel the need to sit at the larger booths? It shouldn't matter if it's Panera Bread or the local diner. If you are seating yourself choose a table that will appropriately seat you and your party but don't take up the extra space. Be courteous and leave the larger booths for those with more in their party. (Whew! That's the end of my rant.)

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