Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer School Begins

I had big plans for the start of our summer. I even had an official start date for when to start homeschooling again (June 14th). This start date would give us about three weeks of summer break. Everything began to change when just two days after Kindergarten graduation our son started asking for some first grade school work. At first I told him later because I was busy with housework and it was inconvenient. We had a field trip planned with some homeschooling friends later that same week and the morning of the field trip our son looks at me with excitement on his face and asks, "Is today the first day of 1st grade?" He had repeatedly been asking this question all week and his hopes were dashed each time I explained that this was his summer break. So this time I looked into his big blue eyes and replied, "Yes, today is the first day of first grade." Then I watched as he jumped in the air with enthusiasm and said, "Awesome! I always wanted to take a field trip on the first day of school, thank you Mommy!"
That was last Wednesday, May 25th, a far cry from my plan of June 14th. Since then our little first grader has been happily practicing his handwriting, learning spelling words, practicing his addition and subtraction, and reading "1st grade books" as he calls them. He is happy and loving every bit of it. I know his enthusiasm will wear off eventually, but it gives me a happy heart to see him smile and laugh as he learns.
This picture is from our field trip to the Weeks Bay Estuary, his first day of first grade. :o)