Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Language of Her Own

We've known for a while now that our little girl is quite unique. I mean, all children are unique in their own way, right? Well our three year old has created her own language. She knows English quite well, but enjoys making up new words for various everyday items and situations. Apples are "apps" and bananas are "banoonoos". She calls her bottom a "cat" (I have no idea why) and when she needs to go potty she says, she needs to go "I" (pronounced "eye"). There are many others, but these are the most common ones she uses daily.
In addition to all the new words and new uses for old words, she has trouble saying the r sound. Words like corn, horn and Lord come out sounding like "cone", "hone", and "Lowd". No wonder young children need a translator (typically mom or dad) so other people can understand them. Sometimes mom and dad need a translator too!