Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweet and Honest Prayers

The bedtime prayers below were said by our 2 year old daughter without any prompting or input from Mom and Dad.

"Dear Jesus, please help our Paisley cat to get all better, Amen."
(She prayed this prayer every night for several weeks after our cat was hit by a car and had to have major surgery back in April.)

Later on the above prayer was changed to:
"Dear Jesus, thank you for making my Paisley cat all better, Amen."
(she said this same prayer almost every single night for 3 months! Amazing!)

"Dear Jesus, please keep Ella from chewing on my drawing pad, Amen."
(Ella is a 17 month old friend of ours and like most children her age she likes to put things in her mouth.)

This last one wasn't a prayer, but was so funny I had to add it. This morning while walking through the line of cars at Hardees' drive thru I encouraged our 2 year old to hurry so we wouldn't get squished. She replied, "If you get squished we have to put you in the trash can." I promptly responded that if I were squished I wanted to go to the hospital instead of the trashcan. See, in our house broken toys and squished fireman hats (you know, those plastic ones from Firehouse) go in the trash can, so I understood her way of thinking. These are those moments where you try to keep a straight face, but inside you're busting out laughing because it's just so FUNNY!

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