Monday, September 27, 2010

The Lost Sticker

While in the car today my almost 3yr old kept telling me she had lost her sticker. It was a small sticker that had been on her hand and she was very sad that it was gone. Assuming that it had fallen on the floor I told her we would look for it once we were home. Several minutes later she coughed a few times and said something was in her mouth. (you can see where this is going) I looked in the review mirror and she had her mouth open and was just looking at me. I asked if there was a hair in her mouth and she said no so I suggested that she drink some water and maybe it would help. This whole time she was verbal but mostly kept her mouth open and continued to look uncomfortable. I was contemplating stopping the car when she told me she was going to throw up so I quickly pulled over, yanked her out of the car and stood her on the grass. Then she simply stood there a minute then smiled at me and said "It's gone". I was confused and asked what's gone and she pointed to her water bottle and said, "My sticker. I poked it in that hole and now it's gone." The light bulb in my head finally went off as I understood that she had poked her sticker in her water bottle spout, had taken a drink and had the sticker stuck in the back of her mouth. Well now you and I both know where that sticker went... in her tummy! Just goes to show even children that are old enough to know better than to put things in their mouths, will still put things into their drinks and end up swallowing them.

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