Monday, February 8, 2010

Funny Things Children Say (Part 1)

From the mouth of a 3yr old (July – Dec. 2008)

Father to son: “Bye, you be a good boy.”
Son to father: “Bye Daddy, you be a good Daddy!”

Upon seeing his Daddy washing his hands after finishing in the bathroom:
“Wow Daddy, you went potty all by yourself! I’m so proud of you!”

After watching the movie Open Season:
Son to mother: “Mommy, can bears really talk?”
Mother to son: “No, bears can’t talk, only people can talk.”
Son: “I knew that, but this bear can talk. Silly bear!”

While splashing in wading pool the family cat J.J. is watching nearby.
Son to the cat: “J.J. come play in the water.”
Mother to son: “J.J. doesn’t want to come play, he doesn’t like water.”
Son to mother: “Why?”
Mother to son: “Cats don’t like water.”
Son to mother: “But J.J. likes to drink water, why won’t he come play with me?”
Mother to son: “I don’t know, why don’t you ask him?”
Son to cat: “J.J. why don’t you like water?”
Cat meows
Son to mother: “Mommy, J.J. can’t talk!”

While driving in the car Mother says to her son: “Look, there’s our church.”
(Son remains silent)
Mother to son: “Say ‘Hi’ Church”
Son in an annoyed voice: “Mommy, Church can’t talk!”

After saying bedtime prayers with her son Mother says:
“Do you know Daddy & Mommy love you?”
Son: “Yes”
Mother: “Do you know God loves you?”
Son: “Yes”
Mother: “Do you know Jesus loves you?”
Son: “No”
Mother: “Yes, Jesus loves you!”
Son: “I don’t like Jesus.”
Mother: “What? Why not?”
Son: “I just want to go to sleep. We’ve said our prayers now I have to go to sleep.”
(In other words… stop talking, say goodnight & leave me alone!) LOL

Son says: “There was another Daddy in my class at church.”
Mother: “Oh, really?”
Short pause then son says: “I have two Daddies. That’s okay, sometimes some people have two Daddies.”
(We had no response to this one at all, just looked at each other and tried to hold in the laughter.)

Mother: “Did you know Jesus lives in a place called Heaven?”
Son: “No he doesn’t, that’s silly! Jesus is at the bat church.”
(For the past six months or so everything has been related to Batman. We live at the bat cave, our cat JJ is now known as Bat Kitty, we drive a bat car, etc.) (Oh, and to top it all off, Daddy is “Superman”, Mommy is “Superwoman, our son is Batman (of course) and little sister is “Spidergirl”. Talk about a family full of superheros!)

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